Dr. Deirdre Mageean

Six or seven years after doing more than 50 oral history interviews, ohoberlin is being repurposed to serve as a public journal for my Spring 2021 internship toward my Public Administration degree at Lorain County Community College. Thanks to the Oberlin Recreation Department (for which I also sit on the city’s commission), I am interning with the purpose of finding out the social and recreational needs of seniors in the city for their purpose of identifying how the city might engage those needs.

Crossing academic streams, I put out an email request for help to the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs where I will start studying this fall. I ended up speaking with Dr. Deirdre Mageean, professor of Urban Affairs, about demographics: the effects of an aging population and how to approach surveying those changes to plan for the future. Internship aside, she is a contact I intend to keep, at least in connection to my post on the Rec Commission.

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