Oh Oberlin: entrepreneurial grind

In this episode, the entrepreneurs at SEEDVentures are 10 days into business at 29 S. Main Street. I spoke with Ann Mickel (a.k.a. Ms. Ann), about her business, Love Delivered and went back for a second helping of pretzels with Corey Butler and Doki Doki Chocolates.

Talking about the passions that got them where they are, they also each mention the benefits of working with SEEDVentures from the emotional support of having business people believe in their idea to the presence of a task master minding whether they have finished their business plan.

The main body runs about 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes clipped from a city council meeting this fall. I had previously talked with Krista Long about the parking situation downtown and during my run for city council had recorded a council meeting at which it seemed dozens of business owners showed up to express concern over the lack of parking on College Street connected to the Gateway Project. From business owners still launching their businesses to veteran business operators, I thought the context of hearing some of their concerns against the others would be interesting.

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