Oh Oberlin Extra: Peter Comings with Meeko Israel

So, there I was on the other side of the mic …  or pushing the working mic back and forth at WOBC with Meeko Israel. Israel asked me if I’d like to be on his show earlier this week after he was added to the Oh Oberlin Facebook page.

Yes. Because, you know, I’d been hoping to talk to him on mine.

He divided his two-hour show between myself and Oberlin College junior Tiffany Ames. (I will post that separately in the very near future.)

We talked about community, technology and media. He is interested in starting a podcast.

And I goofed on a date. At the end he asked me about my earliest childhood memory. I answered that I remembered walking through South Campus on my way to kindergarten hearing Kool and the Gang’s song, “Celebration.” That couldn’t have been as that song didn’t come out until 1980. To set the record straight, I did hear that song on South Campus, but I was in third grade.

This is an Oh Oberlin extra.

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