Oh Oberlin: Aaron Appel/Oberlin alumni soccer 2015

This week I talk with Aaron Appel, a rising Oberlin College senior with a developed interest beyond academia in the city of Oberlin. He wrote this bio for me:

“My task this summer was to create a Soft Skills Development Course for local workers employed by the Ohio Means Jobs Summer Youth Employment Program. I had some ideas coming in as to what this would mean and some pedagogical preferences for how to accomplish this task, but of course there was more taking place within the city of Oberlin that would influence this program. Now I find myself engaged in conversations centered around youth engagement and reviving the Youth Council from the early ’90s and I wonder where this will go and how such a project will impact Oberlin.”

On a completely different note, the Oberlin High School alumni soccer game took place Saturday. We, the alumni, won 6-5. There were 25 of us though. For the heck of it I took my phone out and recorded 19 of them I think to get at least their names and what they are up to these days.

Publishing off the Friday Saturday schedule because it has been a bit and I want to get another show out the door.

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