Oh Oberlin: Henry Gardner, Rhi McKee, Kris Carter, Erik Andrews

In January, I sat down with Erik Andrews and Ray Cunningham to talk about the Appalachia Service Project. We had a great conversation about that project and why young adults from Oberlin should join (and how Erik started the trips from Oberlin). It was also a chance to reminisce with Erik about trips we each took to South Dakota as members of First Church.

Monday, Andrews joined me at First Church with high school students Henry Gardner and Rhi McKee (who have been on the ASP trip for three and two years, respectively) and Kris Carter, who started on these trips as a Fairview High School student and now helps lead them as an Oberlin resident.

Gardner and McKee are engaging young adults and have plenty to say about what they saw and what they learned.

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1 Response to Oh Oberlin: Henry Gardner, Rhi McKee, Kris Carter, Erik Andrews

  1. Mary McKee says:

    How comforting and exhilarating to hear something like this (I am quite the podcast novice). Would’ve been cool to hear my parents’ or grandparents’ voices the way I can hear my daughter’s today, clear as a bell. Thank you for that. And all the life-lessons goin’ on. Not to downplay that part. We appreciate that as well. (And to think the closest I ever came to an experience like this was riding on our bikes as kids to the DQ by our old church to get our folks a “tin-roof sundae”!)

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