Oh Oberlin: Doug McMillan

Talking to Doug McMillan at OMLPS, I feel more like I have an understanding about the purpose and capabilities of the power generation plant in Oberlin.

Until around 1970, the engines generated Oberlin’s power. These days it’s a peak plant that in 2003, during the great Northeast blackout, could run most of Oberlin. It’s a procedure, that. Start an engine, connect sections of city. Repeat.

We talked about power generation, energy savings, power outages, his having graduated from seminary, operating budgets and street lights. It would be worth it to go back and listen to my conversations with Sean Hayes, executive director of the Oberlin Project, and Greg Jones, the energy advocate for Providing Oberlin With Efficiency Responsibly (POWER), for context.

It’s a holiday weekend. You need good listening while mowing the lawn or grilling.

The most esoteric bit of knowledge I picked up: New LED street lights don’t buzz the way street lights used to.

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