Oh Oberlin: Scott Hulver/SEED Ventures

The word “entrepreneur” is a force all its own these days as people decide with an app and angel investors they can become the next tech millionaire.

Oberlin College senior Scott Hulver wants more than that for himself and Oberlin/Lorain County residents, joining with Oberlin Project director of Sustainable Enterprise Cullen Naumoff to run SEED Ventures.

From their site: We at SEED believe that the best way to help the Oberlin and greater Lorain county community is by helping businesses that are committed to the triple bottom line – financial, social, and environmental well-being.  We support 6 start-ups at a time that focus not just on their profit, but on their environmental and social impact as well.  Our 5 month-long incubation program involves individual and group mentorship,  a 3-month selling period, student graphic design and branding support, technology consulting, and practical, hands-on, business workshops.

Hulver grew up in Westlake, but his parents met in Oberlin in the mid-1980s, “on the street behind Mudd Library.” That would be Cedar Street, where I arguably spent 50 percent of my time as a teenager. #smallworldmoment

This is a faster-paced interview … 35 minutes. For more on SEED Ventures, visit their website, or find them on Facebook or Twitter. The funny-to-me-bit: Hulver, at age 20, is just learning Twitter.

The deadline to apply to be one of the six entrepreneurs is July 15. Participation guidelines are here.

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