Oh Oberlin: Memorial Day 2015

I rode my bike downtown this morning with the intent of attending both Oberlin’s Memorial Day celebration and Oberlin College’s graduation event at which the First Lady would speak.

Rather than conduct an interview, I wanted to record the sounds of the morning and share them. I present here the Memorial Day Ceremony. I defer to the college’s masterful live streaming of the graduation ceremony. I would speculate they will have a copy to post at some point.

Notes: 1) Next year I will put my phone by the speaker. You get lots of ambiance today (though not to the exclusion of understanding the speakers). 2) I tried several ways to adjust sound levels. Thank you for bearing with me. It will be better fixed next year by following through on item 1. 3) I want to interview Lester Allen, the keynote speaker, pastor of Oberlin’s Christian Missionary Alliance Church.

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1 Response to Oh Oberlin: Memorial Day 2015

  1. Tyrone Wicks says:

    Excellent job OhOberlin!
    Oberlin College commencement is held on Memorial Day every year and as a result Oberlin has many Vets torn between giving honor and remembrance to fallen comrades and friends and commencement activities. There can be no parade or large event due to commencement. Even Oberlin College has expressed the following concerns about the tradition:

    1. The college wants free up students and professors earlier because many internships and faculty research opportunities begin on June 1.

    2. Students and parents sometimes express reluctance at traveling on Memorial Day.

    3. It is difficult to get speakers on Memorial Day, because it’s considered a family holiday.

    So, why does the Oberlin College General Faculty Committee continue to table the subject? Is it tradition or political ideology? It needs to change!

    My father and several of my family members worked for or retired from the college. So, I’m not Oberlin College bashing. I think the dialogue needs to be held, a mutual compromise reached.

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