Oh Oberlin: Marty Verda

In the course of fundraising this winter, it was suggested that people from New Russia Township be included among those interviewed. The show is “Oh Oberlin,” but that was never meant to imply a strict geographic boundary.

In that spirit – and wow, what spirit – Marty Verda agreed to be interviewed. She grew up in Oberlin. So there is that. She graduated from Oberlin College. So there is that also. And then she returned to Oberlin to work. AND THEN (#rareallcapmoment) after moving away again, she moved back again.

In the course of it all, she ended up choosing to live north of town and to run for township office. We don’t get to township matters until further into the interview. And she has her say about a couple of things related to politics between the city and the township (and even within the township as to what its identity should be.)

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1 Response to Oh Oberlin: Marty Verda

  1. Elise Burrows says:

    Marty Verda was a profound help to me in her private practice in Oberlin, in 1984. I was a student at Oberlin then, and I saw Marty as a counselor. I am forever grateful!
    Elise Burrows

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