Oh Oberlin: Mindy Brueggemann

Mindy Brueggemann runs her own publishing business, Dankworth Publishing, out of her home in Oberlin. Started two and a half years ago, she has two of her own works and a third published. I sat down with her this week, having met through the Oberlin Project’s Hatch program.

What I discovered is what I thought I might, the more of these I do. Brueggemann characterized it well by saying that while living in Minneapolis and Boston, she went out and made her “community.” Oberlin, she observed, is the community. So when her husband accepted a job in town, it was maybe for the company that made equipment Harvey Pratt used to help him ease his ALS symptoms. She started a group of civic-minded women, one project of which included starting the community garden at Oberlin Community Services now lead by Samantha Beetler (the same garden that inspired one of her books.) At least one of her books is available for sale at MindFair Books, run by Krista Long.

The more the dots, the more we can see how they all connect.

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