Oh Oberlin: Tyler’s Farm

This week in “Oh Oberlin” I talk to Tyler Gogolek owner and operator of Tyler’s Farm on Hamilton Road just outside of Oberlin. Tyler runs a 6,000-square-foot greenhouse and is into his first year of raising hydroponic lettuce. We define “hydroponic” farming (and how it differs from more traditional methods) and talk about his participation in an entrepreneurial group organized by the Oberlin Project.

Tyler’s Farm (on Facebook and Twitter) recently announced it would supply three different lettuce varieties to IGA in Oberlin. His 10-year vision is to build out his property with greenhouses. He built his first one largely on his own.

New to the podcast this week, I have music from Kevin Jones at The Woodshed and my first sponsor slot filled.

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1 Response to Oh Oberlin: Tyler’s Farm

  1. prue richards says:

    Great interview! Looking forward to enjoying Tyler’s lettuce the seasons we can’t grow our own (the old fashioned way!). And hoping they’ll be there thriving in five and ten years.

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