Oh Oberlin Extra: Fred Comings, 30 years later

I spent this weekend getting caught up on Kickstarter responsibilities. But along the way I came across a cassette recording of an interview I did with my grandfather, Fred Comings. I made the recording as a matter of note taking for a paper I did in seventh grade.

The assignment was something along the lines of asking students to write about their family history in town. So we talked about how the Comings family came to town and some matters of politics including a new water system for the city and fair housing. On the same cassette, though, was him talking about his time overseas in World War II. So yeah, that’s in here too.

As startling as getting to hear his voice again, was finding out the cassette must have been a mix-tape for me at one point (’80s kids say “Hey”). Bruce Hornsby. That’s all I’m saying.

Next week, the edit from today’s recording at FAVA about Oberlin’s Big Parade.

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1 Response to Oh Oberlin Extra: Fred Comings, 30 years later

  1. prue richards says:

    Oh wow! This is a perfect “voice from the past” for Oh Oberlin!

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