Oh Oberlin: Wendy and Leo Boes (Blue Rooster Bakehouse)

Wendy and Leo Boes, owners of the Blue Rooster Bakehouse on Main Street, aren’t intimidated by the historical turnover of businesses in their location. The husband and wife team jumped in with both feet last fall after working 20 years in education (Leo still privately teaches science).

The business may be new, but the idea of baking and cooking goes back into their respective childhoods; with Wendy to her family’s West Virginian roots of making people feel welcome at a home, and with Leo (in the middle of 10 children) to cooking with his mother.

The hour included a surprise visit from members of Wendy’s family and an aunt who keeps her baking recipes in her head.

Fundraising continues through Thursday. It’s all or nothing with Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1329741683/oh-oberlin-2015

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1 Response to Oh Oberlin: Wendy and Leo Boes (Blue Rooster Bakehouse)

  1. prue richards says:

    Delightful interview! Can hardly wait to meet these people in person. Love that it was done in the bakery with customers, and family, popping in.

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