Oh Oberlin: Ian Yarber

Ian Yarber, recreation superintendent for the city of Oberlin, sat down with me for an hour Saturday morning. Among other things, we talked about Crane Pool and the days of waiting in line at city hall for 25-cent tickets; riding three to a bike; how he felt called to return to Oberlin; his time on the Oberlin board of education; Green Acres; and what it might be like to be a kid these days.

Oh, and he also mentioned crutching his way to Oberlin High School with a sprained ankle.

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1 Response to Oh Oberlin: Ian Yarber

  1. Ken Stanley says:

    Ian: “Going from academic watch to Excellent in only four years.” Peter: “That is pretty fast turnaround.”

    Nice interview. It was great to learn more about a man I admire.

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