Oh Oberlin: 2014 Year in Review

In the six months I have done this podcast I have not been surprised by Oberlin one bit in what goes on here … which is to say a lot. Your stories mean everything to me.

Thank you to those who chose to share their stories with me, and thank you to those who funded the Kickstarter project in June that set this in motion:

Sharon Pearson

Jeff Lin

Brian Hodgkin

Bryan Stubbs

Sara Jaffee

Tom Geller

Darbe Saxbe

Scott Medwid

Mark DeYoung

Dawn Neely-Randall

Geof Comings

Bruce Comings

Prue Richards

Steve Johnson

Ruth Turner

The show started as a radio show on WOBC in January, but the podcast feels comfortable. I have pulled together clips from the shows you and I have done. They are all available on this site and through iTunes.

Two interviews that will happen before the end of the year include Ken Stanley and Ian Yarber.

Click play and enjoy.

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