Arlene and Larry Dunn

The mistake you could make interviewing people such as Larry and Arlene Dunn is thinking that, in an hour, you could hit even most of the notable points in the bio they provide. That’s why, when you leave their comfortable home, you promise them you will post that biographical information with their interview (italicized below).

They are fascinating and friendly people (who are GREAT at social media) and seem as if they have been in Oberlin much longer than the 15 months they have lived at Kendal at Oberlin. They express a genuine interest in the community, just one expression of which is their involvement with the Oberlin Community Benefits Coalition.

I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

Their bio:

Arlene and Larry Dunn are ardent advocates for contemporary music. They are contributors to the I CARE IF YOU LISTEN blog on the web and magazine on the iOS Newsstand. They write audience-persective blog posts for new-music juggernaut International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and manage their own blog, Acornometrics  They are also an active presence on Twitter (@ICEfansArleneLD) and Facebook. Larry and Arlene each have an entrepreneurial thread running throughout their adult lives. Starting with managing the administrative affairs of social justice organizations in the 1960s, to running a subsistence farm in  the 70s and a landscape plant nursery in the 90s, they also participated in the formation of several consulting firms and helped to run significant start-up enterprises. Arlene was a founder and financial executive for Midway Airlines in Chicago in the 80s. Larry helped build a pioneering computerized mapping and navigation company, NAVTEQ, from its start-up stage into the international leader in the field, which was purchased by Nokia in the mid 2000s for $8 billion. The Dunns are a two-MBA family: Arlene has a BA in Mathematics from Brandeis and her MBA from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University; Larry earned a BS degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at Elmhurst College (IL) and his MBA from the Krannert School at Purdue University. Larry and Arlene are now retired and living in Oberlin, OH, a short walk from the campus of Oberlin College and Conservatory. They recently started booking a series of Making Contemporary Music workshops at their retirement community, aiming to demystify new music and open the ears of their friends and neighbors. 

Some links to things to read and watch, by and about us: 
— The easiest way to find some of our online writing is via our annual index posts on Acornometrics for 2012 and 2013.
— Our entry onto the Oberlin scene caused a bit of a stir with Madeline Raynor’s profile of us on the Oberlin student news site Fearless & Loathing.
— We had a great time speaking with the composer-run web-TV site SoundNotion, episode #160, about our adventures composing for 2nd-graders using their own music notation.
— The NY Times interviewed us for an article about baby-boomers retiring to college towns.
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