Oh Oberlin, April 12: Interview with John Gates

Saturday I interviewed Oberlin resident John Gates, one-time elementary school teacher and principal (I had him as a teacher in second and fifth grade in the Oberlin City Schools).

Gates is active now with the Oberlin Farmers Market. He also spends parts of his winters in Guatemala through his involvement with a group known as SEPA.

What you will hear is about 30 minutes of interview time instead of the normal 60 as Gates arrived part way through the show. But I will absolutely look to have him on again in the future to round out the interview.

What you won’t hear is my first 30 minutes of filling space. What I would mention here, though, that UI did talk briefly about, is the fact that I am considering creating a Kickstarter campaign, the success of which could facilitate me creating the show as a podcast independent of my air time on WOBC.

Your feedback on that is welcome. Thanks.

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