Going on air


I guess I will be doing a weekly radio show on WOBC, 91.5 FM, in Oberlin starting this Saturday.

My plan is to:

*interview each week someone of interest from the city of Oberlin. That doesn’t have to be a city official, business owner, school board member or other person of known stature. I certainly have a desire to talk to people like that, but I also would enjoy having someone on the show who lives in Oberlin and does interesting things. Feed me names at ohoberlin44074.gmail.com.

*record each show and make them all available on Youtube afterward.

So, who’s in?

Update: I failed to mention I will be joined at times by Tom Geller who did a similar show on WOBC in 2009. Thanks, Tom, for your interest and support!

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1 Response to Going on air

  1. Tom Geller says:

    You already know that I am. 🙂

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