Technology connecting local residents

At least for my own amusement, I figured out a few days ago how to technically tie together my phone and desktop computer for working a Google Hangout on Air. I don’t have a mic or camera for the computer itself and, through remotely of directly starting the hangout, it’s easy enough to join from my phone.

The feed gets broadcast live as a hangout. Afterward, the video is loaded to my YouTube channel. I think somebody was watching as I ran the experiment, and that’s cool to know too. (I deleted the test video for the obvious reason that no one wants to listen to 20 minutes of mic checking and audio feedback.)

I’d like to figure I can make professional use of this with the three newspapers I work for in Cleveland’s Westshore, but I am also hoping to tie this in to my home life here in Oberlin so that whether by podcast, blog or hangout I can help share and learn about what’s going on where I live.

That desire got me into newspapers in the first place almost 20 years ago and it hasn’t diminished since.

My questions remain the same for any potential Oberlin audience: Would you be interested in something like this? Are you already following local people? Who are they?

Feel free to let me know on Facebook, twitter or by e-mail at

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