One Town Campaign

  1. Oberlin City Council VP Comments Oberlin College’s “No Trespass List”
  2. Facilitators asking people their feelings on a number of ways forward #1twnforum
  3. Maybe it’s worth it to bring a 3rd party, but you can’t put a dollars amount on the input of the community. #1twnforum
  4. “Frankly, I think all of us leaving tonight know exactly what the solutions needs to be.” #1twnforum
  5. The last thing we need to solve this problem is outside consultants! #1twnforum
  6. Moving on to the last section, after 2 more comments. #1twnforum
  7. We don’t need more money, we need to know when we can or can’t do things. #1twnforum
  8. Let people know what their opportunities are! Let people know what how they can better themselves. #1twnforum
  9. PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes), as a part of the tax solution #1twnforum
  10. Official: We plan to provide examples from other situations, how this is handed else where. Common goal of approriately policy. #1twnforum
  11. (Please not that our tweets are not our opinions necessarily we are summarizing forum comments.) #1twnforum
  12. College official thanks one town campaign for putting this forum together. #1twnforum
  13. “dont’ vote in Oberlin because it is the “right” thing to do. Know the issues!” #1twnforum
  14. Oberlin College doesn’t HAVE to provide resources, but it is the right thing to do. #1twnforum
  15. If there were different opportunities for young people, we could all come together, make a better town. #1twnforum
  16. Being told who you can be friends with. List creates unequal footing for different people. #1twnforum
  17. Double standard. College student skateboarding? Asked to stop. Townsperson skateboarding? Put on list, can now be arrested. #1twnforum
  18. People don’t know why they are on the list. Courts don’t even know why. Tell them why! Address it. Transparency. #1twnforum
  19. Needs to be a two way street. Go to community events on campus, when you can. #1twnforum
  20. Trespass list discourages townspeople from applying to the college. #1twnforum
  21. We’re trying to summarize as many remarks as possible, people excuse the typing/shortening. #1twnforum
  22. The fact that people are bored means the town is failing, can’t always be dependent on the college. #1twnforum
  23. No difference between village and off campus houses. You can’t tell if the house is on campus of off campus. Label them! #1twnforum
  24. I was a beneficiary of this process, two students I know got injured by young townspeople. #1twnforum
  25. I am asking for 1 town! We should all interact a lot more. Speaks about mentor experience. #1twnforum
  26. 3rd parties be a part of list review, in order to ensure process goes well. #1twnforum
  27. Most punishments are not a lifetime thing, a more open process, how we handle young people? #1twnforum
  28. Legal issues should be turned over to police, not “quasi-police” #1twnforum
  29. As college expands, community loses property taxes. Obligation of college to provide resources that town can no longer afford. #1twnforum
  30. “I think there should be a process, but the college isn’t responsible for townspeople entertainment.” #1twnforum
  31. “Oberlin college is not responsible to provide all of these resources to the public” #1twnforum
  32. Why not college and community sports? music? Bottom line, we have a liberal college, let’s exercise the liberal muscle. #1twnforum
  33. College official says that he is learning from the forum, and asks that it continue. #1twnforum
  34. Section 2 of the forum begins, what do we want moving forward? Encourages college to respond to people’s stories. #1twnforum
  35. “I really want to know if we are 1 town. Don’t know if we’re allowed to use facilities.” #1twnforum
  36. The unspoken no trespass list, students are encouraged to stay on campus, not to go to SE quadrant. #1twnforum
  37. “In a town this large, how it is that there is no interaction with the towns people.” #1twnforum
  38. “We need more transparency! I think we can do it.” #1twnforum
  39. Community member: What are your demands? Facilitators: We are forming them based on this forum and other input. #1twnforum
  40. Student: I grew up in a college town. This is not a college town problem, this is an Oberlin problem. #1twnforum
  41. Growing up here helped develop us as thinkers. Our children cannot access this once on the list. #1twnforum
  42. We are here to developed our children. Oberlin college provides education resources. #1twnforum
  43. Speaker’s boyfriend was caught “trespassing” on a public side walk asked “what are you doing on this side of town.” #1twnforum
  44. “This list changes your life. This place of all places, it should not happen.” #1twnforum
  45. “It’s not about getting a pass. It’s about justice for young people and making a permanent solution.” #1twnforum
  46. I know so many students that it’s hard to stay away from my friends. I don’t want to be arrested. But rugby season is starting. #1twnforum
  47. Wanted to attend Bible conference in the gym, play on rugby team, cheer team, kicked off of campus. #1twnforum
  48. Townsperson was in the pep band, was “swarmed” by security when visiting band friend. #1twnforum
  49. “Is here anyone from the college here?” Administrators stand up. Applause. #1twnforum
  50. Philips gym was once open to everybody. Gym then opened down, worked at Philips gym which the athletic club. #1twnforum
  51. You’ve got to talk about the economics! I can’t work at the college. #1twnforum
  52. “I’m on the list twice. Once at 20, once for being on the list already.” #1twnforum
  53. “I do think that there are some offenses that should be on the list, but not skateboarding, playing pool, etc.” #1twnforum
  54. Pipeline from school to prison. This policy gets young people criminally prosecuted. #1twnforum
  55. Please note that all tweets in quotes are paraphrased. #1twnforum
  56. “I was jumped on campus. Safety and Security issues are not abstractions.” #1twnforum
  57. Been working on the list of years. No process, no explanation for being put on the list. #1twnforum
  58. Speaker didn’t even know what was college property until her friends got on the list. #1twnforum
  59. Another person on the list speaks, who cannot get a hearing to get off the list. #1twnforum
  60. Story of being stopped at the ‘sco when trying to go meet their bother. #1twnforum
  61. Arrested after speaking to the president, despite college bylaw saying that anyone can visit the president. #1twnforum
  62. Person who is on the list speaks of the feeling of being banned from campus. Didn’t hear what complaintes are. No way to defend. #1twnforum
  63. Asking to hear from people who have been directly effected by this policy. #1twnforum
  64. Everyone has 3 minutes to talk! Trying to hear a lot of voices. #1twnforum
  65. Facilitator brings up the discussion of the no trespass list that took place at the Treyvon Martin vigil. #1twnforum
  66. “I’m excited to here people discuss issues that effect them” – facilitator #1twnforum
  67. “We believe in standing as one. I just hope everyone can hear us out.” – facilitator #1twnforum
  68. One facilitator is a ‘Sco employee who has seen the policy in action. #1twnforum
  69. Facilitators share why they care about the trespass list. #1twnforum
  70. Apologies to the communities of faith who couldnt make it today on Ash Wednesday. We will work to include you int he future. #1twnforum
  71. We seek to open our forum to our the quieter voices of individuals. #1twnforum
  72. We ask that people who can sit on the floor do so to accommodate people who are more comfortable in chairs. #1twnforum
  73. We will be live tweeting tonight’s community forum at #1twnforum
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